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Donnerstag, 4. September 2008, 16:26

Aktion von Buysnus bis Sonntag

4 year anniversary
We would first of all take the opportunity to thank all our customers that during the last 4 years made us one of the largest snus shops online. To celebrate this we have some new and existing offers that we would like to inform you about, see below. These offers will at least be valid until midnight Sunday (Swedish time), maybe some of them longer.
- UPS Shipping cost 50% OFF
- Buy 10 cans of General Sterk and get 2 additional cans for free
- NEW snus - Pall Mall
- Whole rolls of Elixyr - 30% discount!

UPS Shipping cost 50% OFF
UPS provides Express deliveries almost to all countries all over the world. You can track your order online to see every movement of the package you will also get an approximate day of delivery so you know the day you will receive your order. You will also have the package delivered to your door.

Try UPS today! 50% discount on the shipping cost!
Buy 10 cans of General Sterk and get 2 additional cans for free
Buy 10 cans of the new General Sterk and get 2 additional cans for free. To take advantage of this offer you have to click on the banner on our site or on this link: General Sterk offer

New snus - Pall Mall
The Pall Mall snus is produced by the company Brittish American Tobacco. Brittish American tobacco also produces the Lucky Strike snus. View the new Pall Mall snus
Whole rolls of Elixyr - 30% discount
30% discount on all whole rolls of Elixyr snus. Elixyr snus is avalible in Original, Peppermint and Power energy. View the Elixyr snus